A sustainable Cannabis Industry, through
Inclusive Growth
About CTAC
"The Current system of marijuana prohibition does not work"

-Liberal Party of Canada Campaign Platform, 2015 Federal Election

  • What's not working

    What's not working?

    The Federal Government intends to reform Canada's marijuana laws. What's not working, and what improvements are needed?

  • Protecting Youth

    Protect the Youth.

    Marijuana prohibition does not prevent young people from using marijuana and too many Canadians end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug.
    -source: www.liberal.ca

  • Save Federal Resources

    Save Federal Resources.

    Arresting and prosecuting marijuana prohibition offenses is expensive for our criminal justice system. It traps too many Canadians in the criminal justice system for minor, non-violent offenses.
    -source: www.liberal.ca

  • Safer Communities

    Stop the Black Market.

    The proceeds from the illegal drug trade support organized crime and greater threats to public safety, like human trafficking and hard drugs.
    -source: www.liberal.ca

  • Your Voice

    Be A Part Of The Change!

    Together with industry leaders, The Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC) is committed to working with legislators and regulators in government to develop a sustainable, safe, and ethical cannabis industry.

About CTAC

Canada is poised to become the first of the G7 to legalize and regulate cannabis on a federal level, and with this comes incredible responsibility.

Working with Government

Together with industry leaders, The Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC) is committed to working with legislators and regulators in government to develop a sustainable, safe, and ethical cannabis industry.

Who we Represent

The CTAC represents a wide spectrum of stakeholders in the cannabis industry. We believe transparent guidelines must be balanced with inclusiveness and a willingness to provide all stakeholders a voice.

Canada's Future

A successful model for Canada's cannabis industry must be built upon a foundation of evidence-based regulations. These regulations must protect the interests of medical patients, give adult users access to a healthy, competitive market and create economic opportunities for the middle class.



Rosy Mondin - Executive Director

Rosy is a leading advocate for the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. In her role as Executive Director of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC), Ms. Mondin is committed to working with industry leaders, government legislators and educators to develop an inclusive, safe, and ethical cannabis industry. Under Ms. Mondin’s leadership and direct involvement, CTAC actively participated in the extensive consultation process undertaken by the Canadian Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulations.


Andrew Robinson - Assistant Executive Director

Andrew has been operating as a multi-level entrepreneur for nearly two decades, specializing in strategic corporate sales, partnership agreements and brand development. His diverse business knowledge and keen eye for opportunity has resulted in many successful business endeavors, all with a common thread of delivering the best in service and product to stakeholders and clients. Robinson started his career in telecommunications as dealer principal of three Telus Mobility locations, servicing major corporate accounts including Coca-Cola, Canada Finning and Canaccord Capital.


Reid Parr - Industry Consultant

Reid has extensive experience in Cannabis cultivation and processing as well as in corporate finance and e-commerce. Reid co-founded Ascent Industries in 2013 which led to the formation of Agrima Botanicals, a well-known Cannabis production, research, and development company. He also co-founded RPM Web Development Ltd. in 2007 where his company emerged as a leader in online marketing and e-commerce business platforms. Through his 17+ years of industry experience, Reid has been instrumental in identifying and cultivating unique opportunities and strategic partnerships within the Cannabis industry.

Pillars of Success

Through evidence based policy, CTAC will be working with legislators to develop a sustainable, inclusive and transparent model for the Canadian Cannabis industry.



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Inclusive Growth

Inclusive Growth

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Position Papers

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May 25, 2016 The Road Forward After Allard: Creating Medical Cannabis Access Regulations Read on issuu
May 25, 2016 Cannabis Legalization in Canada: Creating a World-Class Sustainable Industry Through Inclusivity Read on issuu
Aug 22, 2016 Press Release: Joint Submission to the Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Task Force Read on issuu
Aug 22, 2016 Cover Letter: Government of Canada's Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Read on issuu
Aug 22, 2016 Inclusivity Through Regulation: Weeding Out Organized Crime Read on issuu
Sep 12, 2016 Discussion Paper Submission to Canada’s Task Force on Marijuana Legalization Read on issuu
Dec 20, 2016 CTAC Response to Task Force Report on Cannabis Legalization Read on issuu
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Nov 01, 2017 Cannabis Legalization and Regulations in BC - Stakeholder Submission Read on issuu
Dec 8, 2017 Proposed Excise Duty Framework for Cannabis Products Read on issuu
Jan 20, 2018 Consultation Submission Regarding the Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis Read on issuu
Apr 27, 2018 Cannabis Farming on BC's Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Read on issuu
May 28, 2018 Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology Read on issuu | FR

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